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Office Combined Insurance

Office Combined insurance allows you to combine all of your office insurance needs into one simple package. It offers protection against claims for accident and injury, property damage and business interruption, all within a single policy.

Domestic Package Insurance

This insurance package covers accidental loss or damage to residential homes and or contents of a dwelling house including your valuable items normally carried or worn. It incorporates your personal liability and that of your house hold members hence termed as “package” because as it offers a variety of covers under one policy and caters to everything in your household.

Burglary Insurance

This class of insurance provides indemnity against loss or damage to property by theft following forcible or violent entry to or exit from the insured’s premises. Properties insurable under this class of insurance are: - office equipment, stock in trade and store, furniture, fixtures, fittings and all other contents with exclusion of items insured under all risks policy.

Public Liability Insurance

This class of insurance provides indemnity against claims arising from accidental death, bodily injury and / or illness caused to third parties or loss of or damage to properties of third parties. The insured would be indemnified against all amounts they become liable to pay as damages consequent upon such injuries or loss in connection with their business subject to a limit of indemnity – selected by the insured.

WIBA (Employees) Insurance

This class of insurance indemnifies the insured against his statutory obligation under the WIBA ACT aforesaid which requires the employer to be responsible for accidents to employees arising out of and in the course of their employment, it cushions costs of medical care, rehabilitation, lost wages for injured employees and death benefits in case the person dies in work related accidents or duty bound.

Travel Insurance

This policy covers persons who travel abroad from time to time and wish to insure themselves against accidents and loss or damage to their properties in the course of travel. It covers:
1) Emergency medical expenses
2) Loss of personal property/ money or documents
3) Curtailment/Cancellation
5)Luggage protection
6)Personal liability

Contractor’s All Risk Insurance

This is All Risks cover for the following:-
1) Contract works including materials
2) Temporary building and / or site improvements.
3) Contractor’s plant, tools and equipments
4) Cost of debris removal (items 1 and 2 above only)
5) Professional fees.

PSV / Car Hire Insurance

This policy provides comprehensive passenger service vehicle insurance to compensate individuals, businesses, companies against accidental loss or damage to their motor vehicle while carrying fare paying passengers for a chauffeur-driven ride.

Fire Insurance

This class of insurance basically provides indemnity against loss or damage to property described, caused by fire and lightening but can be extended to cover allied perils like Riots, Strikes, Malicious damage, Storm or Tempest, Earthquake, Impact by vehicles, Aircraft and other aerial devises, Bush and sub-terrenean fire, Spontaneous Combustion, Explosion, Flood, Rain, Bursting or overflowing of water apparatus e.g. tanks and pipes.

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